Water Quality

Ballona Creek Wetlands

Ballona Creek was channelized in the first half of the 20th-century and this area was used for flood control, which had negatively affected the habitat value of these historically significant wetlands. The Playa Vista plan gives the site an individual identity yet functions as an integrated element of the greater metropolitan system and of the surrounding natural environment.

The concept orders the three-mile long, 900-acre site into a composition of urban and natural elements, creating a quintessentially Californian garden city tied to the land and ecology of the Santa Monica Bay. A primary emphasis of the master plan was to address the traffic and air quality problems in Southern California by designing a community that reduces the role of the automobile, provides attractive pedestrian environments and offers the opportunity to live and work in the community. Key open space elements include a network of streets, a 3.5 mile park and riparian habitat corridor, 260 acres of restored wetlands, numerous neighborhood parks, squares and playgrounds, an esplanade leading to the Pacific Ocean, a harbor and small boat marina, and a town center.


Dominguez Gap Wetlands

Los Angeles County Department of Public Works – Dominguez Gap Wetlands