The LA River’s time is now.

For almost a century, the river’s essential function has been singular in focus–to protect the residents of the river basin from the rare but potentially devastating flood. There has never been a better  opportunity to reinvest in, reimagine the use of, and transform the future of the LA River for the greater good of our region. The time has come for us to create more than a river of concrete:

  • A revitalized waterway safely enhancing the quality and quantity of water flowing through our region.
  • A reimagined landscape providing abundant parks and open space while nurturing our region’s natural biodiversity.
  • A connected network of neighborhoods uniting our region with improved mobility and shared access to arts, culture, recreation and community programming.

In Fall 2014, an integrated team comprised of River LA, Gehry Partners, OLIN and Geosyntec Consultants embarked on a journey to synthesize the vast array of existing data surrounding the Los Angeles River. Our goal was to build upon 25 years of work by creating a single, equitable framework for use in evaluating the river’s possibilities across all 51 miles, to spur fundraising and inform responsible design. The LA River Index is the product of that work.

The LA River Index is meant to be a shared resource by which to inspire, enhance and evaluate future work on the LA River. It is part of a robust strategy to engage the many agencies, jurisdictions, and broader public in the river project. The borders of seventeen cities lie within one mile of the LA River. Our team is in the process of meeting with each city to understand their opinions and goals for their relationship with the LA River. In addition, we consulted with State, County, City and regional elected officials, peer organizations and technical experts to provide a 51-mile perspective on our work to date.

The effort was supported in part by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy along with the philanthropic sector as well as private individuals. We will continue to deepen our understanding of the river and the diverse opportunities it presents to improve our region for everyone, and we’re excited to invite you on this journey with us.

We thank the following major donors:

Achieving America Family Foundation

Andrea Gibbin

California Community Foundation/Opportunity Fund

The California Water Foundation program of Resources Legacy Fund

Goldhirsh Foundation

The JIB Fund

John W. Carson Foundation

JP Morgan Chase Bank

Luann and Bob Williams


Lynda and Stewart Resnick

The City of Long Beach

The Rivers and Mountains Conservancy

The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation

The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy

Amy Gordon Yanow and Tony Yanow

…and matching Donations to the Yanow gift

raised online from many individual donors