The LA River offers a great opportunity for education on a variety of topics from ecology and habitat to engineering. Many existing advocacy groups offer educational programs related to the Los Angeles River, and our idea would be to review all existing programs, and work with others to enhance and broaden the current opportunities. Frank Gehry is involved with the Turn-around-Arts program, which assists public schools in disadvantaged communities. Several qualifying schools are in proximity of the LA River, where improvements and new open space could offer great opportunity.

RiverLA is actively involved in a program to improve street-ends adjacent to the LA River. “Rio Vistas” are street ends by the LA River which are public rights-of-way that can be transformed for aesthetic, recreational and environmental benefit. As outlined by the LA River Revitalization Master Plan, more than 300 streets intersect with the LA River. Many of these cul de sacs are unmarked, overgrown, derelict or have unauthorized private encroachments. In conjunction with Glen Dake/Miguel Luna (GDML) and the NELA Riverfront Collaborative, we worked with LA River High School students, community members, school administrators, and industry professionals to design and develop ’shovel-ready’ projects along the LA River in Elysian Valley, where 27 streets dead end into the LA River. LA River High School students applied project learning to the design of sustainable interventions that convert neglected street ends into community assets or “Rio Vistas” for public use. With community input and participation, students developed designs for three Rio Vistas that abut the L.A. River in Elysian Valley