River LA
River LA is a nonprofit organization with a mission to ensure the 51-mile Los Angeles River integrates design and infrastructure to bring people, water, and nature together.

River LA believes in championing river-oriented policy and sustainable public spaces and creating innovative models for community betterment and participation. The goal is to foster job creation, economic development, improved public health, and community revitalization. River LA policies advocate for alternative transportation, enhanced public amenities, and recreational green space, and programs that are meant to raise awareness of the river as a signature public resource. As an independent nonprofit, River LA wants to create community and economic benefit for all, and as a social enterprise, they bring the know-how to translate good works into good business. As a convener they bring public, private and philanthropic partners together to enhance the quality of life across our region.


Gehry Partners
Gehry Partners has been commissioned by River LA to be the lead consultant in its effort to create a coherent vision for the 51-mile length of the LA River.

Gehry Partners, LLP is a full service architectural firm with extensive international experience in the design and construction of academic, museum, theater, performance, commercial, and master planning projects. Founded in 1962 and located in Los Angeles, California, Gehry Partners currently has a staff of approximately 130 people. Every project undertaken by Gehry Partners is designed personally and directly by Frank Gehry and supported by the broad resources of the firm and the extensive experience of the firm’s senior partners and staff. The firm puts a great focus on the functional needs of clients, resulting in on-time and on-budget projects that often-time add value to the clients and to the surrounding communities. Frank Gehry’s passion for eliminating waste in the construction process has led to vast reduction in change orders on projects. The work of Gehry Partners has been featured widely in national and international newspapers and magazines, and has been exhibited in major museums throughout the world.


OLIN is providing expertise in landscape architecture, land planning, ecology and habitat, river functions and public health studies.

OLIN is a landscape architecture and urban design firm whose work is predicated upon social engagement, craft, detail, materiality and timelessness. Appreciation of the urban environment is paramount. They love cities and they celebrate their complexities, contradictions and constraints. OLIN believes in their continued evolution and enjoy collaboratively shaping the way they look and function. OLIN values multi-functional, flexible and environmentally sensitive design solutions. Through craft, landscapes have potential to be catalysts for human interaction, recreation and community. They approach each project individually, basing design decisions upon the underlying expressive power of a particular site in conjunction with specific programmatic requirements. In all of their work, they carefully assess the distinguishing spatial characteristics of a site, its connections to surrounding areas, local traditions and history, the natural environment, and social and cultural conditions. OLIN synthesizes and integrates findings in new site elements and systems that they manipulate, amplify and layer to create expressive designs.


Geosyntec is providing expertise in water hydrology, water quality, flood risk management and greenhouse gas issues.

Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. is an award-winning, international consulting firm, known in the greater Los Angeles area for its knowledge of local watersheds, long-term strategic perspectives, innovative planning and modeling analyses (hydrologic, hydraulic, hydrodynamic, water quality, and groundwater modeling), project design and delivery, and project optimization and monitoring services. Their personnel have helped shape practices nationally via joint research and project work with engineering faculty at leading academic institutions, and are continuously involved in original research, development, and application of technologies. A cornerstone of Geosyntec success is the attainment of multiple project benefits, finding the nexus between flood risk, water supply, water quality, and open space in the natural and built environment.