Caltrans and LA Metro are currently in the process of evaluating two potential plans for improving the I-710 corridor. The I-710 parallels the LA River from the City of Bell through the City of Long Beach, and has a direct effect on the LA River corridor. As such, any improvements to the I-710 corridor represents a potential opportunity to improve the LA River.

The two alternatives being considered are 5C and 7. In most simple terms, the difference between the two options is 5C considers improvements and design features to the current freeway alignment, and 7 considers adding a fully separated freight corridor to the current freeway alignment.

Because the I-710 improvements are still at the planning stage, they represent a huge opportunity to coordinate potential improvements to the LA River at the same time, since they generally occupy the same infrastructure corridor for 15 miles. We intend to continue to our discussions with the planning group to identify opportunities where multiple benefits could be found through the I-710 improvements.